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Ahahaha.. Sorry for the bright colors and the rather striking gif title, I just wanted your attention! Anyways, I've decided that I want to create a website. For what, you may ask? I'm looking for somewhere to write about my feelings, somewhere I can write about my classmates, and possibly treat this as an online diary of sorts? Not that I believe you'd genuinely want to read it.. aha.. ha..

Anyways. Please, click on the buttons to see where it may take you. I might hide some secrets in here, so have fun finding them.

May luck bless you.

And may god have mercy on you:)


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"Absolute hope that can break through any despair can never lose in a place like this!"

I urge you to think of this quote whenever you feel as if something is too hard or too much for you. I promise you can do it.

Here's a little clover to take along with you on your adventure.



May luck bless you.

<- Very cute!
This is the only gif i could

find about hope:(

made with help from ibuki mioda